What Your Wedding Invitation Should Include…and What It Shouldn’t

Seems obvious, right? Not so fast. While we are all about aesthetics and lightening the content load to allow for formality, beauty and style to shine through, we do advise functionality, too. Read on to learn know what information to include and what to keep off.


Should include:

  • Couple’s names.
  • Date and time.
  • Place, with city and state ( zip codes are not generally included).


Doesn’t have to include:

  • Hosts names:  If this is too complicated or you don’t want to offer this information, that’s fine. However, if you’d like to include and can’t figure out how, we’ll show you.


Shouldn’t include:

  • Registry information. It’s tacky. That’s it. You’ll see this three more times in this post, that’s how adamantly we believe it.
  • Never, ever ask for gifts of money. Ever.




Should include:

  • Time
  • Place, with city and state (zip code is optional)
  • What it includes: cocktail hour? dinner? dancing?
  • Again, ask us, we’ll guide you so that your guests know when and where they should be attending.


Shouldn’t include:

  • Registry information. It’s rude.
  • Again, requesting guests bring money is a HUGE no!



Should include:

  • Reply-by date.
  • A line for the guests to write who is responding.
  • Yes and no spaces.
  • A line to asking for any necessary dietary restrictions you should know of, unless your meal includes something for everyone – gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, shell-fish allergic. The list could go on, so the line is really the best option.  But only incorporate this if your food vendor is willing to accommodate special requests.
  • Meal options if offered. And if offered and your caterer needs to know exactly who ordered what:
    • An instruction line as to how to denote whose meal selection is whose
  • Postage—either on the backside if your reply card is a postcard or on the included reply card envelope.


Shouldn’t include:

  • Registry information. Just for reinforcement.
  • Any information you want your guests to hold on to, because they’ll be sending it back to you. That means if they’ve sent it back to you, they no longer have access to that information.



Should include:

  • Whatever you want your guests to know that doesn’t belong printed on any other pieces in the suite, for example:
    • Hotel information
    • Shuttle and/or parking information
    • Formality information, e.g. that your reception is in a grass field, so beware of wearing stilettos.
    • Next-day brunch or breakfast information if offered.
    • Wedding website – this is the only place this should go.


Shouldn’t include:

  • Registry Information – or requests for gifts of money.



Should include:

  • Formally printed return address.
  • Proper and formally written or printed guest address.  (apartment, street abbreviations and states should all be written out).
  • Proper postage amount. Please note – different post offices’ scales are calibrated differently. We’ve had one post office weigh something to owe two large stamps, while another says one and another says three. Have it weighed at least two different places to ensure you get the right postage.





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