Beautiful, Custom Invitations in 4 Easy Steps. Seriously.

We know, it sounds impossible that a four-step process will materialize custom wedding invitations for your day. But it’s true. Working with Blue Envelope is so easy that ordering online seems ludicrous; because even there, it takes four clicks to just get to invitations in your budget and style.

So here’s our four-step breakdown:

1. Call and schedule a meeting

When you show up, make sure to have your budget and invitation quantity [not guest total, because remember that many times one invite will serve two or more guests]. Blue Envelope experts will talk with you about your style, budget, theme and level of formality and show you different paper stock options, colors, accessories and printing styles to learn where to take your design and wedding invitation package aesthetics.

2. Sign a contract, make a deposit

Once you determine which papers and accessories are your favorite and most fitting to your wedding, we write them into a contract with a complete total, which includes assembly of everything and any auxiliary pieces you’d like to order that complement your invite — i.e., seating cards, programs, thank you notes, etc. There are no surprises in what to expect in your final design or cost, because it is written clearly in a contract you take home. We get a deposit and then begin designing for you.

3. Design and approval

Your contract will include three dates: when we will have designs to you, when we will have everything to the printer and when your whole suite will be available for pick up. That first date is crucial, because it initiates an entire plan.

So, by the promised date, we email you up to five custom designs, based on what you tell us you like from our samples, show us from your online collections and describe to us as your preferred “look.”

From there, you email to us your feedback. For example, “I like the font of our names on Design 1, but the graphic on Design 2 and the body copy font on Design 3.” So we combine those elements that you like into one design and send it back to you for approval. Once we get that, we create the rest of the suite [the reception, RSVP and enclosure cards and envelope] and send to you for changes and approval.

4. We take care of the rest

Once we get your approval on the full suite, we make sure all your products are ordered and every piece is print-ready. Then we get it to print, pick it up, assemble the pieces, print your envelopes with the return address, and if purchased, your guests’ addresses in a complementary style, and package it up for you to come grab.

As you see, we walk you through each of these four easy steps, providing guidance, options and flexibility. We ensure that, like everything else you pick for your wedding, these wedding invitations are those of your dreams and custom-fit to you and your fiancé.

Custom Wedding Invitation Overview, 2017 Edition!

Eyes are the windows to the soul, the same way wedding invitations are the window the the main event. It’s dramatic, we know.

This right here. This is what we love. Cleveland’s cold, yucky, make-you-stay-inside snowy days. You know why? It means we are starting Bridal Season ’17!

Fresh styles and trends to work with. Enthusiastic, newly engaged clients looking for the best direction and execution in custom designed invitations. And, opportunities to create wedding invitations as delectable as the hors d’oeuvres you’ll be passing around to guests.

So here goes, for you, our sweet reader and soon-to-be-married friend: A 2017 Wedding Invitation Round-Up!


Wedding Invitation Etiquette

A few freebie advice tidbits that will take you a long way, and you can apply this information to most of your wedding planning:

Make everything proportional – at least seemingly so. Don’t show up in a Monique Lhuillier and Jimmy Choos and then serve your guests chicken tenders. Don’t invite 400 people and then be too tired to send out personalized thank you notes.

Don’t guess about what is the right way to handle something. Ask a professional.  If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: your invitations are the first glimpse guests get at your wedding. So one small faux pas will last awhile. Wrongly addressing a house, improperly insinuating who’s paying for the shindig or so rudely putting your registry information in your wedding invitation package. Blue Envelope Boutique has been asked to do it all, but we have always steered our guests down the right path.

Know the weight your invitation carries. Literally, yes – the heavier they are, the more you pay for postage, an expense you don’t want to overlook. But figuratively, too. Guests can garner exactly what to expect out of your wedding, e.g. level of formality, parking directions, etc., from the look and content of your invitation. Blue Envelope Boutique is one of few vendors who asks all the right questions to make sure you provide your guests the best, most accurate information about your big day.

As you can see, we give you all the right things to think about without laying any of the worry on you.


2017 Wedding Invitation Trends

This is the fun part! This is where custom wedding invitations truly become yours, and yours alone! You get to take who you are and what you like, mix it with what is new and relevant, and really deliver a special package to your guests in the form of your wedding invitations. So here are the trends we are most looking forward to working with this year:

Moody colors. Rich depth, sexy attitude and luxe intensity. We can’t wait to line a gold envelope with a plum liner or wrap a jade invite with a pewter band.

Foil. Foil. Foil. Add chic gorgeousness to any invite.

Geometrical glory. If anyone loves a modular, superbly fitted design its us. Besides clean and modern, it’s unusual. People love the concept but not the risk of committing to it. Any client who will take a risk on the the perfectly unusual is a friend of ours.